My name is Jessica. I am a freelance creative in many forms and a writer of many things.

2016 is the year I turned 30 and I started this blog to document and remind myself of my core beliefs in life. That is, I believe in following and appreciating joy at every possible moment and in being passionately curious. I want to seek out and learn things that make my soul gasp. I want to dwell in the small pleasures that bring great joy.

In my teens and twenties, I went through various stages of mental - I guess people would say - ill-health, things I’ve never written down or admitted to most people. Some of those stories might appear here in the future. So now I am passionate about living a certain kind of life and perhaps writing something that helps others who may be struggling.

I’m also trying to write a book at the moment and a play and start a business and well, I just want to do everything.

I love talking and I love people, please drop me a line jessica(at)acuriousjoyfullife.com or find me in any of the social places, because I’m constantly chasing sparks of connection.