Moments of Joy Monday: A BBQ, Jam Session and Conversation

Moments of Joy Monday: A BBQ, Jam Session and Conversation

Having returned from a 14-day holiday on Tuesday, this week was all about reacquainting myself with the pleasures of London-life. All the good things that you forget about when you are tired and fed-up with weather and feeling fatigued with your work. Going away always helps you to look at life afresh again.

1) Conversations with Friends

I went on holiday on my own for the first time ever and I relished every moment of it. I loved taking afternoon naps, eating supper late with a great book, staying up all night staring at the clear Thailand sky on the night of the New Moon. I loved not having to answer to anyone else for a while.

However, on my return I was itching for conversations with my nearest and dearest. That is what I missed most of all, the comfy connection of those who know you. I filled my weekend with it.

2: Stretching my Body

I’ve just started attending a new class at my yoga studio in Battersea. It’s a little more challenging than I’d usually go for in yoga, but I loved it. I relished the feeling of aching muscles afterwards.

3: Meeting an Internet Connection

Twitter is my favourite thing of all for discovering and talking to interesting people. Through Rachael (who I met after I read her 60 Postcards blog (which became a book) for years), I have discovered HubDot and on Friday I had a couple of drinks with the delightful Eva who amongst other impressive things runs their social channels.

It was one of those conversations where you leave feeling inspired and certain that it was an instance where your human time was very wisely spent.

4: A BBQ

Finally, BBQ season is upon us. And I attended a lovely one thrown by some of my bestest friends. Wine was had, food was eaten and the aforementioned comfy conversations continued well into the night.

To me, a barbeque is always a good idea.

5: Off-the-Shoulder Tops

This week, I have mostly been wearing off-the-shoulder tops which have had an obvious resurgence. This one and this one from Miss Selfridge go with everything from jeans to skirts and have allowed me to wear my beach holiday spirit for a little longer…

6: Music in my Kitchen

I currently have a wonderful house guest in the form of Irish musician, Lisa Canny who is staying with me and my bunch of reprobate house mates for a while as she has just moved to London. Lisa plays the harp wonderfully and has the most beautiful voice (watch out for her in the charts one day). On Sunday evening she invited a few of her friends for supper and they had a jam session in the garden on banjo, violin and flute. I felt truly spoiled that I was experiencing a free concert whilst I cooked…

7: A Simple Quinoa Salad

I used this recipe and added a few veg. Eating vegan in Thailand has made me much more considerate about what I’m putting in my body. This salad is healthy and tasty and the halloumi gives it a kick.

Until next week, stay joyful,


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