Moments of Joy Monday: Love, Stories and Food

Moments of Joy Monday: Love, Stories and Food

This week has been such a good week, I have not had to look hard for joyful moments. It has been one of those weeks where I love exactly where I am, which is something I strive for at all times.

Apologies that this is appearing on a Tuesday - oops I still need to get my timetabling sorted.

1) An Engagement

One of my bestest friends in the world got engaged on Friday to her lovely boyfriend who's also one of my many ex-housemates. It was a surprise that found me and another friend piling into an uber in Southwark at 10pm on Friday having just come out of the theatre and going to join the happy couple and other friends at a West End hotel where we all stayed drinking too much and smiling and hugging till the early hours.

Day-to-day, I often mock those getting engaged and the entire EngagementWedminBankruptcy fiasco with added hashtags that is de rigueur these days. However, when it is friends who you truly love, nothing makes me happier.

2) Really Good Vietnamese Food

On Wednesday night, I went to Whaam Banh Mi in Soho for one of their famous supper clubs. After four courses of absolutely delicious (and healthy) food, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Although known during the week for serving their delicious Vietnamese sandwiches to the lunch set, we ate crunchy Summer Rolls, well-sourced drunk prawns, delicious Pho and some sweet tart which I couldn't finish. 

I must confess here that I know the owner who is a friend, but I would definitely recommend WBM as a great Vietnamese to anyone.

3) Random Exciting Encounters

Following our supper on Wednesday, my housemate V and I went for a night cap and digestion time at Janet's in South Ken. Here we met two American's who it turned out had just played The Jools Holland show. We were starstruck. Margot Price and her band mate were SO LOVELY and after watching her on Jools Holland, we were meant to go to her gig on Monday, but it was sold out.

If you like country - which along with folk is where my heart lies - check her out here....

4) A Birthday and A Reunion

This week has been a wonderful celebration of old friends, one of my favourites visited from Dubai. As I only get to see her around once a year, there is always so much to catch-up on and I wish I could just kidnap her for a week. 

Another of my favourite people celebrated her 30th birthday this week and the usual gathering of friends and acquaintances in a pub in South West London was a wonderful chance to catch up with people.

5) Putting it Out There

After meeting Eva from Hubdot the week before last and having told her about the play I'm writing, she suggested that I put out a call for help on the platform which I did and shared across my networks.

This was a terrifying experience as the play has always been something I've talked about and never had any pressure on to do. By asking other people for help, I am putting out a commitment to GET IT DONE. Watch this space...

6) Stories of Being

Friday to Sunday, I attended a workshop, two talks and a theatrical performance at the new Stories of Being festival in Southwark. The event celebrated mental wellbeing and creativity and was one of the most interesting events I have attended in a while.

Using creativity and discussion, Stories of Being aimed to open up new creative discourses around subjects related to mental health and wellbeing - and encourage audiences to continue these conversations after the event.

The energy and conversation among attendees at the event was SO inspirational that I came away with endless ideas and thoughts about how we can use the arts to help and communicate in the mental health field.

I am so grateful to the founders of this festival for the concept and actually putting it all together and I can't wait to attend many more.

7) Crush

I felt a serious teenage crush moment this week for an actual real, physical person and not Louis Theroux or Harry Styles. It was so severe and struck me so physically that I remembered that those moments do exist and it was a relief. I can't tell you how long it's been since I really properly fancied someone. I'm excited for more and have already tried to stalk said person online - as is the 21st Century way. 

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Flaunt It Up, Buttercup

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