Moments of Joy: Stupid Things and Becoming Stronger

Moments of Joy: Stupid Things and Becoming Stronger

Sometimes I do stupid things and in the past I have really struggled with defining myself AS those decisions. These instances mainly involve any hedonistic or self-destructive behaviours, things surrounding men and berating my own laziness or lack of productivity. However....

You may have noticed I missed these moments of JOY last week, but I did not flagellate myself for it.

I sat down in a cafe last week and wrote a great list of things about myself I'm confident of and others I still need help with - just for me -  and I'm proud that I can now write things in the former category. I did some stupid things in the last fortnight too, but I didn't hate myself as much for them, because we are all human and we can't be fucking perfect all the time. One step at a time and realising that is SUCH A JOY. Here are my others for the last fortnight (oops)...

1) Becoming Launch

I absolutely love it when amazing people I know from the internet begin to shine their light so bright that other people (non twitter-obsessed, tribe-seeking weirdos like me) discover them. I've followed Laura's blog Superlatively Rude and her writing for what seems like forever, real-time maybe three years. I've read her newsletters, her online book and subscribed to her #AsktheQuestion service which inspired blogs of my own.  Oh and I've attended her and Emma's IRL Panel events. So basically yeah, I'm one massive fangirl. Anyway last Wednesday I went to her book launch.

I spent most of my time there heavily fighting my inner anxious introvert who wanted to run screaming from the fear of all the incredibly interesting and accomplished people that were there. Instead I gulped down a glass of Prosecco, chatted to a lovely girl that Laura went to school with and waited patiently to have my book signed. 

I've not read it yet because I want to be able to savour it, not put it down mid-chapter, but as soon as I do I'm sure it will appear as another Moment of Joy.

Laura's writing has always grabbed at my guts and made me feel a little bit better about whatever anxiety-inducing life situation I find myself in. She also has delectable skills with words. If you haven't read anything she's written and you enjoy writing that really feels, I suggest you check out her blog now. 

2) Podcast: The PanDolly Podcast

On the subject of girls I found out about online and follow everywhere they go, step forward droll, logophile blondes Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. This fantastic pair of real life friends and journalists of the Sunday Times have just started a podcast, with new episodes every Friday.

Not only are these women just as funny as they are on paper but their personalities perfectly complement each other as they talk about celebrity, fashion and such like. I have laughed out loud throughout the first two episodes.

With the vocabularies of an Oxford English Professor, Wildean wit and voices straight out of a Jilly Cooper love,l I am not surprised his has shot up the iTunes chart. It is my new favourite comfort listen.

PS: Someone on iTunes reviews has written "These two should present TopGear." Now there's a thought...

3) Battersea Park

I live extremely close to this park and in the past fortnight as real summer has dawned I've tried to walk around it most days. It's a beautiful time of year, even in the rain and we are so mega lucky in London to have such wonderful outdoor spaces at our disposal. 

4) Love Island

I am not even a tiny bit ashamed about my love for this programme (look it up if you don't know what it is basically big brother crossed with blind date crossed with TOWIE) I am quite irritated that it's on so bloody often and I end up watching back-to-back episodes on a Sunday when my time could be better spent. Whoever conceived it in its current form is a genius or definitely has a team of psychologists on hand to offer advise about how to best to bait people in various situations. Totally amazing trash TV.

5) Writing Again....

On Monday I wrote ten sides of A4 of my play. The narrative arc is slowly coming together. I feel that my prognosis that sometimes you can't wait for the inspiration, sometimes you've just got to sit down and write is paying off.

6) Bed

In the last year, I have finally appreciated the value of a big, comfortable, well-dressed bed - not Primark sheets etc. I've converted to Egyptian cotton and I only like feathers. Maybe I'm a Princess now, or maybe this is what turning 30 does. On Sunday I spent ALL DAY in it reading, too lazy even to get snacks.

7) Pub: Prince Albert, Battersea 

I'm a bit SW London heavy this week, but had a lovely Fish and Chips in the garden of this pub near the park. Great menu and dogs welcome :) 

Moments of Joy: Love Always Wins & All The Books

Moments of Joy: Love Always Wins & All The Books

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