Click Here for 2 Minutes Hate

Click Here for 2 Minutes Hate


Clicking on my feed to feel, let these snippets of life bring forth

Laughter at so many memes and happy sadness from them too.

Today, I'm really chasing those instant tears, desperately looking for clips,

That pull out something big from my insides. Let's try

An injured puppy saved (set to the trite stock music of today),

A suitably old-looking holocaust survivor reunited with his saviour,

Or a little girl with Down's syndrome who encourages us to "Embrace Difference".

Fodder for our well-hidden feelings at our finger tips...

It's better to cry at your screen.


Want to feel angry we have that too...

Click click click on some sarcastic political bit,

Animal abusers, an ignorant man doing something shit. 

Yes I felt something stabbing at me swiftly from that and this

And that; so I will click, share and comment.

Copy and Paste link to WhatsApp - that group, that group, that group.

"HAVE YOU SEEN THIS" "Yes, Yes, I Know!"


We spew our instantaneous emotions to the world on Twitter,

Whilst remaining physically inactive and bitter.

Are we over emotional and spineless or just so numb to reality

To 24 hour news,

That it takes more and more and more to provoke a reaction.

Are we special snowflakes or part fused to the screen.


An emotional drug at the end of the phone.

Which pills would you like today, happy, sad, angry... We've got a plethora for you.


"Oh I've seen that you say, I've seen that before."

"That's not even real, it was a set-up, a set-up... "

How bloody dare they trick me, you think.

These are my feelings we're talking about. 

Managed and manifested.


Yet you turn away from a beggar in the street, and a stranger in pain.

Put your headphones in when a disabled kid talks loudly on the train.

You don't want refugees in your neighbourhood and you won't raise

Your voice for a woman being verbally abused in the supermarket.


Happy with our emotions kept inside a screen,

In reality we're numb and dumb and obsessed with fitting in with,

The accepted, status, protocol of mediocre tones and medium behaviour

And getting on with our own business.

We don't cry at work or shout in public,

(Unless in large groups of sports fans)

We laugh but just enough or only after a few,

 Or when comforting crowds cover our abnormalities.


Ssshh, behave my children.

Stand in line, don't be so emotional.

There's the screen for that.



PS: Oh George, your Dystopia.


How Much of Who You are is Your Body? Tiresia at Etcetera Theatre, NW1

How Much of Who You are is Your Body? Tiresia at Etcetera Theatre, NW1

Break Your Patterns...

Break Your Patterns...